i think i'm different;

but i'm the same, and i'm wrong.

fic: Five Things Amy Pond Hates About the Doctor
11amy wedding
Title: Five Things Amy Pond Hates About the Doctor
Pairing: Eleven/Amy
Rating: G
Word Count: 1398
Summary: Five things that Amy hates about the Doctor.
Note: Written for Challenge 3 over at big_jumps.  It didn't turn out nearly as well as I hoped.

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fic: Symbolism
11amy wedding
Pairing: Eleven/Amy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1732
Summary: The Doctor gives Amy roses for every day they're in Paris.
Note: Written for the Eleven/Amy fanfic challenge comm big_jumps.  I explain what almost all the different roses here mean, but you can search Google for more information.  Also, this is intended to take place between "Cold Blood" and "The Pandorica Opens," but it doesn't really matter.

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Ranking of Series 5 Couples
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My top five pairings of Series 5.  Rated in order of how much I like them.  Because I wanted to make this.
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fic: Bed Sharing
11amy wedding
Title: Bed Sharing
Pairing: Eleven/Amy/River
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1213
Summary: Interesting conversations occur when the Doctor, Amy, and River are forced to share a bed.
Note: Written for beerbad's prompt, "Amy/River/Eleven, sharing the same bed," at the amy_river ficathon.  I was originally going to have them sleep in the bed in the order of "Eleven >> River >> Amy," but I switched it to "Eleven >> Amy >> River" since I'm far too obsessed with Eleven/Amy.  Hope you guys like it.


Look at my mood theme because it's pretty.
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So, after more than an hour of googling tutorials and reading instructions and copying links and uploading to Photobucket and replacing codes, I FINALLY got myself a real mood theme.

And by real, I mean not real, since it's custom, but whatever, it's what people consider real.

Isn't it prettyyyyyyy?  I mean, ANYTHING with Karen Gillan is pretty, but still.  I'm happy about it.  Now I know that whatever mood I'm having, Amy Pond has also experienced the same mood.  <3

SO ANYWAY, this is the Amy Pond Animated Mood Theme made by kohler.

Now I think I'm going to go watch Doctor Who.

fic: Affairs
11amy wedding
Title: Affairs
Pairing: Amy/River, various other pairings
Rating: PG
Word Count: 880
Summary: It seems like everybody in the TARDIS was kissing someone behind someone else's back.
Note: Written for lovepb 's prompt, "affair," at the amy_river ficathon.

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fic: Don't Have To Be Still
11amy wedding
Title: Don't Have To Be Still
Pairing: Rory/Amy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Summary: When they travel with the Doctor, they don't have to be boring.
Note: Written for Challenge 01 at she_is_to_me.  ^^

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fic: Snow Boots and Furry Blankets
11amy wedding
Title: Snow Boots and Furry Blankets
Pairing: Amy/River
Rating: G
Word Count: 881
Summary: River throws a fit and runs out of the TARDIS...and of course Amy has to follow her.
Note: Written for hahns_girl's prompt, "Amy/River, snow, snow boots, furry blankets," at the amy_river ficathon.

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fic: Scissors & Strawberries
11amy wedding
Title: Scissors & Strawberries
Pairing: Rory/Amy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 718
Summary: Amy wants to change her image.
Note: Inspired by Challenge 01 at the Amy/Rory comm she_is_to_me...first time I've ever written something based off of a picture!  It's more fun than I thought it would be! 

When Amy turns fourteen, Rory remembers, that's when everything changes.Collapse )

fic: Reliance
11amy wedding
Title: Reliance
Rating: G
Word Count: 1122
Summary: On the night she waited, Amelia told someone else about where she was going.
Note: My first Amy/Rory, and it...um...kind of sucks...but I hope you all like it.

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